mIkIE and Jim see
David Bowie in

The Reality Tour

January 7, 2004
CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland OH

Playing: Suffragette City

While you look at these concert pictures (that I took with the digital camera that I snuck in), you might want to listen to some of these MIDI files of some Bowie tunes to get into the mood.

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We were seated in section 219, which turned out to be pretty good seats. After parking, we walked in the doors, into the arena, up a short flight of steps and there we were!

The opening act of the show was talent from the local area - a young singer named Macy Gray. Although her music is a little on the odd side, she is quite talented and did nearly an hour performance of her more-known, peppy, dance-able songs. At first, the audience didn't know what to make of Macy; however, by the end of her set, she and her grooving, funky band, received a fair smattering of applause.

The Reality Tour

Even though David was on the eve of his 57th birthday, you would have never known it. Blonde, virile, dressed in faded black denim, his voice rang out clear as he threw himself into the performance.
Not only was there a large background video screen that was used in the concert, but also a bank of huge monitors across the top of the arena. These top monitors showed scenes from various places around the stage. At one point, I realized that I could almost see us! Yeppers. The camera behind David Bowie is pointing out into the audience where we were seated. (What can I say? I'm a techno-geek of sorts and notice where cams and things are placed. ;) wink, wink)
MouseOver the picture to find us while looking at the "GBS" for the month
Hang onto Yourself
The Man
Who Sold the World
China Girl
All the Young Dudes
The Loneliest Guy
Hallo Spaceboy
Under Pressure
Life on Mars
Ashes to Ashes
The Motel
Loving the Alien
Never Get Old
I'm Afraid Of Americans
Jean Genie
Be my Wife
Fantastic Voyage
White Light, White Heat

Five Years
Suffragette City
Ziggy Stardust
Screams and Lighters for the Encore!