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Ordering FAQ

How do I order?
Ordering is a simple process. You can order online, or over the phone. To order online go to the ordering page. Next select the services you will be ordering. If you need assistance call us at 1-330-284-8111.
How long will it take to receive my order?
You may request rushed service on your order form for an additional fee. Most orders are processed in less than 2 weeks. Please note that large orders take more time. You can call at anytime to check on the status of your order, or email memories@reigningpages.com
Does ReigningPages Memories have a guarantee, and what is the return policy?
We guarantee you will be pleased with the quality of our work. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product we will refund the full cost of your order.
Can I insure my order during shipping?
Yes, you can insure your order through your shipping carrier if you desire. Also, if you specify insured shipping we will return your order through an insured carrier.

Archiving FAQ

Why should I digitally archive my photos?
Once your photos are in digital format you'll have a perfect copy every time. You can store your photos, make perfect copies, email them to friends or family, even use your disk for reprints at your local photo processing center. Your digital photos will never fade or age, no more cracking, or discoloring. You'll never have to dig through boxes or photos to find the picture you want again. More than 500 photos can fit on one CD, and a DVD can hold over 2,000 photos. You could order a second copy of your disk at a reasonable price and store it in your safety deposit box essentially FIREPROOFING your photo collection. There are other benefits but now you have a glimpse of the benefits.
Can my CD be used for reprints?
Yes, you can use your disk for reprints at any photo processing center that does digital printing, almost every modern facility has this capability. Or you can use your computer and printer to print them yourself.
Can I email my digitized pictures to friends?
Does my CD come with any software?
Yes. All of our disks contain software for viewing your photos and/or presentation.
What's included with my order?
Copies of all your photos, slides, or negatives converted to high quality digital images on CD. Your disk will be labeled with a beautifully-designed label, and a case with matching inserts. All disks include software for viewing the presentation of your pictures.
Why not scan them myself?
If you happen to have the time and knowledge to you could. Scanning, saving, and archiving more than a few pictures can be time consuming. ReigningPages Memories has spent a considerable amount of time and money to perfect the process for you. Save yourself the time and frustration by having the professionals do the work for you.
What format will my photos be converted to?
Your photos will be scanned to JPEG format with 100% quality compression. We can also convert them to loss less TIFF format if you desire.
What resolution will my photos be scanned at?
That depends on the photo. Negatives and Slides are scanned at 2400dpi, dots per inch, while prints smaller than 5x7 are scanned at 600dpi, and prints larger than 5x7 are scanned at 300dpi unless specified otherwise. That means a 4x6 print scanned at 600dpi will result in an image size of 2400x3600 pixels. A high enough resolution to accurately create an 8x12 from the digital copy without any degradation in quality. Please note most professional digital photo printing is done at 300dpi. Also, scanning prints at higher than 600dpi will not likely enhance the quality of the scan, in fact it may actually add artifacts to the image depending on the quality of the original.

Retouching FAQ

Will my original be altered in any way?
Absolutely not! We do nothing to the original except scan it. We then work with the scanned image and place your original in a safe place.
How does ReigningPages Memories fix my photo?
We use state of the art image editing software. Digital technology enables us to make virtually any photo, even if it's in pieces, look as good or better than new. We can even remove or add someone to a picture, change a background, add special effects, anything you can dream up.
Will I receive a "negative" of the new photo?
Yes. You will receive a new print, and a CD with a digital copy of the new image on it. The CD is your negative. You may use it for reprints.
Can you do custom work?
We certainly can. Graphic design work is charged at thirty dollars an hour.

Presentation FAQ

Can I add music to my presentation?
Yes. The order form has spaces for several choices. Your music selections may be edited (lengthened/shortened) to accommodate the length of your presentation.
Can I have text added to my pictures inside the slide show?
Yes. We can add text or comments to any of the photos in your show. This is called Titling. The order kit has instructions for setting up your titles.
How long will each slide be shown for?
We recommend 10 seconds on average.
What is included with my presentation?
Software for viewing, a copy of all scanned images in JPEG format for use with your computer and for reprints. Last but not least your presentation, complete with music.
Can I use my presentation with my DVD player?
No, due to software differences, although most DVD players should be able to display your pictures (without music or animations).

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