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Over the years, I've had quite a few pets. LOL Actually I've had an above average amount. In fact, for a while I had a pack of seven cocker spaniels running about the house! As the years have passed, I've lost a bunch of dogs and I've gotten a bunch more. So it was about time for my dogs to have their own web pages, and not just pages, but a whole website!
Though I recently lost my oldest boy Joxer, I still have two boyz - the great-grandsons to my first spaniel. To the left, are links to all of my dogz and catz, where you can find more pictures along with each of their stories. Below are some of the more current pictures of the boyz.
Joxer 2010

Though all the pages in this site about my dogs have plenty of pictures and stories about my pets,
I have tried to keep a few pictures from the most current years here for you to view.


A little "photoshopping" and I have a yard FULL of spaniels LOL

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My boys - Joxer, Aries and Zeus - must have known how traumatic it was for me to leave behind so many years and so many loves. While the spaniels were in the front cab part of the U-Haul with me, for the entire nine hour trip from Ohio to South Carolina, while two of them would lie curled up either between the seats or in the passenger floor board, one was always awake, alert and sitting in the passenger seat beside me. It was uncanny, for whenever my "co-pilot" would begin to nod off, the dogs would shift positions and another would take the place watching the miles of highway slide by under our wheels.
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In case of Emergency...
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