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(aka Lekky)
(1987 - 1999)

Elektra Randy was working out of town and I had spent a night out on the town, when Apple's first litter arrived. Waking up, still drunk and peering through the bedroom door, I first saw what looked like a fuzzy black ball rolling around on the living room floor. As my eyes focused, I realized it wasn't a ball but a puppy - Elektra had been born!
As I began to search the apartment, I found another pup on the water bed and another in the corner of the bedroom. Frantically, I gathered up the pups and while Apple finished delivering her litter, I threw a ton of towels and the bed covers into the wash. What a mess, but it was all worth it.
Just like her mom Apple, Elektra was a handful. During her puppy years she developed a fetish that I must have had something to do with. She began to chew and shred leather items in the house, including belts, shoes, coats, harness, and various other items not to be mentioned here. LOL I've had to wonder if we didn't influence her even more, since she didn't take after we tried to bred her and seemed just a little too butch.
But being a "dikey-dog" didn't mean she was fearless. Actually, her fear made her my most misunderstood dog. Everyone has considered Elektra to be aloft, and stand-offish when, in reality, she was quite frightened. Elektra and I have lived through many incidents that were traumatic. One night as Randy brought the dogs back in from their nightly outing, a strange man followed them in and began to attack Randy. Lekky was only about a year old and was quite upset. Later, her crate (we had learned our lessons, and crated the dogs whenever we left the house) was only inches away from the air conditioner/heater when it caught fire. The fire caused $25,000 of damage, including burning up one side of a buffet which collapsed on Lekky's crate. Thankfully, and amazingly, the crate was totally undamaged! My first-born doggie was also present during the three burglaries that occurred. And of course, she has been with me through the deaths of Randy, Apple, LBB and Hershey. She's even gone through surgery!
In December (96), Elektra, had to have an operation to remove some cancerous tumors. Deciding on surgery for a pet is an unbelievably hard issue to decide; but I got the proof that I made the right decision - she came through with flying colors! (Except for the sounds of Elektra's coughs from bronchitis.) I think Randy was looking out for me since I would have been devastated if I had lost another dog so soon after his death.
It wasn't until Aug of 99, that I lost another one of my babies. I awoke very early on Saturday, knowing that something was wrong. Elektra was huffing quite loudly and behaving oddly. I thought perhaps she had had a stroke (similar to my old family dog, Belle, back when I was still in high school). I debated calling the vet all day until they had closed; but Elektra seemed to be improving, until about midnight that night, when she had another episode. As I held her in my arms, I was certain she was gasping for her last breath. However, after several hours, she got up and seemed somewhat better. After watching her all weekend and speaking with all my friends and family, I kept vacillating on what to do. However, I had to acknowledge that Elektra's breathing was much more labored than it had ever been, her eyesight and hearing were going, and she was more lethargic and many times just not quite "with it" anymore. I broke down and finally called the vet to make arrangements to have her put to sleep. I decided that it was much more humane to help her then than to wait for another attack, knowing she would surely suffer at the end.