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(aka LBB)
(1988 - 1998)

LBB Wondering what the "LBB" stands for? It's "Little Bad Bitch". She really wasn't a bad dog, although, as time went by, she did fit the "Bitch" part of her name. LBB was a precious, spoiled little dog. (And if you're wondering who spoiled her, I take full credit for that.) We had bred Apple trying to get a dog with a smaller body and keep her good head features. Even though, LBB was really the runt of the litter, she was exactly what we wanted. I spoiled her terribly and in return she was a very loving dog to everyone. Before you could say "Jack Frost", she jump into your lap, place a foot on either shoulder and kiss you to death. As she grew older she did grow meaner. We often joked that she was possessed by the spirit of Muffin since she could be so nice to us, and yet so bitchy to the other dogs.
Even though we were hesitant about breeding LBB, it was the best thing we did. She had a bad time with the delivery by losing one pup and almost another. We made a trip to the emergency vet when the second pup was stuck coming out. On the quick trip, the puppy finally slipped out. The vet took an x-ray and helped with the delivery of the third puppy. The female pup went to the breeder as her fee, and we finally had ourselves a BOY dog - Hershey.
As the years went by, occasionally LBB had seizures; but they were few and far between. Eventually, she started to have them only months apart instead of years. At the same time as Apple had her stroke, LBB developed an eye infection. When I took her to the vet, he found that she had a tumor! So, on Thursday, July 10, 1998 I had to have both LBB and Apple put to sleep. Losing one dog at a time is very hard; but losing two at a time was almost unbearable.