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(1990 - 1996)

Hershey Having always chosen female dogs, Randy and I decided it was time to keep a boy. When LBB had a litter of two, the breeder chose the female pup and we happily kept the chocolate-colored male. After always having female dogs, Hershey was a new experience for me and a great one to boot. Out of all the dogs that I have had, Hershey really was the most loving and most playful dog. Most days the only things on his mind were wiggling (with stubby tails that's about all a cocker spaniel can do and they do it an awful lot when they're happy!) and playing ball.
Hershey easily made friends with anyone that came to visit as long as they tossed him his ball a couple of times. Even without help from any human, Hershey played with his ball constantly. At times, I wanted to toss that ball into the garbage since I HAD to retrieve it from under the couch, under the chairs, under the counter or where ever else he could push that dang ball.
I've always felt that I must have some sort of psychic link with all my animals. One evening, Hershey seemed to be sending me signals that something was amiss. I wasn't able to determine what was wrong with him; but he was definitely having a problem. I quickly rushed him to the emergency vet. After the vet finished checking him out that night, I noticed that she and her female assistant seemed hesitant in explaining the problem. Halting, the vet explained that Hershey needed a minor surgery that night and that he should be fixed. It seems that my little boy dog was finally growing up. The opening of the sheath covering his penis was very tiny and his first erection was causing him extreme pain. (Ouch!) The vet correctly his problem and also suggested that I get Hershey fixed since she has noticed that one of his testicles had not descended and could possibly contribute to cancer in future years.
Only one other time did we ever have health problems with Hershey. In April of 96, I noticed that Hershey didn't seem to be very playful one day. Within hours, he was desperately ill. I rushed him to the vet, where after some tests, I was told that he had a terminal blood disease. Although I was devastated when he died within 36 hours of the first signs of being sick, I was happy that Randy did not have to suffer with Hershey's death also.