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(1993 - 2000)

Triumph With Randy's death becoming more a reality, as he worsened from the effects of AIDS, and with my own health in a precarious position, the last thing I really wanted was another dog. I had already come to grips with the fact that Randy's death would leave me alone to care for all the dogs; but I was afraid I probably wouldn't live long enough to care for them all if I got a puppy at that time.
However, how could I deny Randy a puppy? From EightBall's litter, we picked a boy (the breeder had dubbed this little boy "Bob") and named him Triumph. That was a much better name than the first one Randy had suggested - Oswald Cobblepot! (From the second Batman movie, this was the original name of the Penguin)
Once again, I have spoiled another dog. LOL My Triumph is very "neeeedy" and "pitiful", and he'll let you know that. Unlike Hershey, Triumph doesn't play too much but he is quite a lover. For a while, there were some problems between my two boy dogs as to exactly who was the "alpha male" in the house. Hershey didn't give two hoots (just play ball with him and he was happy); but Triumph always wanted to be special. Triumph
Even though, Triumph (aka Goober or Goobie) occasionally seems to be channeling the mean spirit of his aunt LBB, he's learned to play by my only house rule - my house, my rules. I am the alpha male here and don't take kindly to his spats of bitchiness. Without a doubt, I was very glad that Randy and I got this dog, especially since I had lost everyone else from the pack of dogs that we co-owned.
Triumph Unfortunately, my happiness didn't last long. Three months after losing Eightball, Triumph starting having problems getting up and walking. I made plans to take him to the vet the first part of April to get his hips checked out. However, upon my return to home from my trip to NC, Triumph's health began to deteriorate quickly. Just one week after my trip , I had to take Tri to the vet's. The x-rays showed that his belly was filled with fluid, making it hard to tell if he had a tumor or not, and whether his liver or spleen were infected. When I called the vet the following morning, he had very bad news for me. Triumph was already having liver and kidney failure, probably due to the tumor that was confirmed by a second x-ray.
As with all my babies, I quickly drove to the vet to be with Triumph at the end. I was quite shocked by how much sicker he had become. Although he didn't move at all when the vet brought him into the exam room, Triumph did open his eyes. I saw that sparkle of recognition and love shining there, and knew that he knew that I was there. I told him that Randy was waiting for him, along with his mom Eightball. He had been so motionless before the injection, that my vet had to use his stethoscope to make sure that Goobie had gone. Triumph
Triumph Without Triumph, I am now the only one left from the family that Randy and I had. Although I still have two pups (Gabrielle and Joxer), they are not OUR dogs but MY dogs. And I still find to hard to believe that I had been so concerned about getting Triumph. At that time, I knew that Randy was losing his struggle with AIDS, and was worried that I wouldn't live long enough to properly care for our newest puppy. I never dreamed that "I" would outlast so many of mine and Randy's "babies".